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hunger and whistling

i am hungry. 
for the first time in 5 days. 
which makes me ecstatic! 
i don’t know if it was stomach virus, flu, or food poisoning. all i know is that i’ve had no appetite since last thursday. frowing up, spare you the details, bad news. my last meal was probably the culprit but since there’s no way to *really* know the cause, i’m just going to look at the last thing i ate and whistle. 
[looks at picture above and whistles] [goddamn you taco truck chicken] 
this was a trick of my great late grandfather named flops. when he wanted to blame somebody, he would say “i’m not going to name any names, i’m just going to look at the person who did it and whistle.” and then he would look at somebody in the room and whistle.