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february in chapel hill

red bud trees are already blooming. it was in the 60’s and sunny

pasty legs were bared at the beautiful new baseball stadium.

february in chapel hill

we went to chapel hill for the unc vs. clemson basketball game. my brother gave us tickets for christmas. he said the seats were right behind the bench, and i knew they would be good, but i really had no idea how good.

row b

turns out row b really does mean row b. as in row 2. as in there’s the players’ bench, a row of chairs for the  jv team, row a and then row b. we were SO CLOSE.

close enough to hear the ref bark at leslie mcdonald ‘find your seat’ when he was dancing at tip-off.

close enough to hear roy williams scream at the bench after a turnover  “THAT WAS CARELESS AND CASUAL!” i plan to use this phrase in anger for the rest of my life.

black falcon made this

the black falcon made this shot, the heels won, played well, i didn’t get any good pictures, other than the ones in my head, and those i will treasure always.

we followed the crowd out and somehow ended up in a room with balloons and punch bowls overflowing with brownies. score!
dont mind if i do

after the game we met up with old friends and new friends for too many drinks and dinner on franklin street.  not much has changed at all in 10 years. it was glorious.

bob the boxer & angie this is a damn shame and some more alcoholic readers may want to avert their eyes – but in classic bob-fashion, he ordered another round of drinks when nobody had finished their first ones, and then promptly left to avoid babysitter-fury when they realized the time. the extra drinks spell “bob.”


this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and i am so grateful to have a brother who made it possible!