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automobiles, trains, and planes

newark vs manhattan

asheville cancelled their direct flights into new york, the closest you can get now is newark, which is not new york and is more shipping containers than anything.

you can still get to new york via fairly easy mass transiting, though, and you can take beer on the LIRR, and they sell a 32 oz high gravity IPA with a straw for $6.50 in penn station.

beer and pizza on the lirr

a “hot sausage” from a hot dog cart does not mean bratwurst, it means a hot dog with fiery red peppers dumped on top.

if your office bans microwaving lunch because disgusting smells and you have a window, you can make a solar cooker. 
dad's solar cooker

a woman who is not at all crazy about animals can fall in love with a dog like my furry brother henry.
drez & hen
a boy as cute and sweet as my nephew willie will be immediately bombarded by cute older girls at the park who will take him by the hand. 
will and reece holding hands 
and push him on the swings. 
will and reece swinging 
he is only a month away from turning 2, but taller than 50% of 3 year olds. the cutest little beanpole.  he likes being thrown in the air and looking at books and putting toy trucks in order. he smiles on command and eats anything you put in front of him.
my other nephew rilan is only a month old and has gained 4 pounds in that month. 2 pounds are in his cheeks. 
baby chunks blowing bubbles 
henry would like some bacon. 
henry bacon some?
 a great way to end a trip is with a bite or two of a goodbye mcgriddle.