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pouncey’s first day

we were worried that the name pouncey wouldn’t stick because he was sooo sleepy yesterday. like he was drugged or “special” or in shock. his alternate name is pants. but today he was much pouncier.

he has not had an accident in the house. he went 6 hours through the night. you take him out put him on grass and he goes. so good. he eats like a pony.

the day started off cold and rainy and he snuggled the morning away in my office with very patient and gentlemanly eli and nacho. 

sleeping dogs

the sun came out and we all did a lap around the house.

a little bit scared

at first he was scared but he got the hang of it. 


pretty soon he was pouncing!


then he fell in a bush

pouncey fell in the bushes

then he collected himself

nacho and pouncey

did some ear biting

pin teeth biting eli's ear

did some more pouncing

pouncey pouncing

and then got stuck in a bush. 

stuck in the bush  the end.