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RIP buddy

buddy and pouncey

got some sad news yesterday amidst all the hilarious daily puppy comments (“OMG pouncey, you are adorable as f$%k. I want to make you chili by a campfire and share marshmellows lady and the tramp style. If I am ever in carolina I will steal you and rub you all over my face!” and “Awesome darling! I love you! my tight hug for you!” being my favorites) that buddy, pouncey’s father, passed away sunday night.

With a sad heart, we said good bye to Buddy. He passed peacefully during the night. His last day was a good one…a ride in the truck with Blizzard and the rest of the day watching us plant flowers around the campground. All the while being showered with hugs and kisses. For those who knew him personally could you share some of your happy times with us so we can celebrate his life as we mourn our loss. God bless you Buddy…always in our hearts ♥ 

-via Trails End RV Park Facebook

he was old and rickety, they said he’d been hit by a car twice. but when we met him last week he was still chasing balls through the grassy valley and hopping into pickup trucks. he was so mellow and gentle. and so handsome.

buddy pouncey dad

pouncey looks just like him and i think will have his same velvety coat.

rest in peace buddy! great job making people smile and making awesome puppies!

here’s pouncey’s mom, blizzard:

blizzard pouncey mom1 

talk about a sweet animal. she is older too – 8 or 9 – and the same color and size as nacho. which is probably why pouncey keeps looking for nacho’s teats!

blizzard pouncey mom2