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pouncey at the vet

pouncey went to the vet yesterday.
it was a new vet and has an incredibly better vibe than the ice palace of cheez whiz nacho & eli have been going to. i won’t name names right now, but there’s a vet in asheville that charges 3 times more than they should and the care is worse.
anyway! pouncey is getting off on the right paw with a new vet on this side of town.
adjectives the vet used to describe him were: smart, great coat, awesome puppy.
he is estimated to grow to 85 lbs. this is 15 lbs bigger than his dad and 30 lbs bigger than his mom, so i hope it’s not accurate, but if it is, it is.
we were told to feed him whenever he’s hungry, every 3-4 hours. especially since he’s pouncing up and down a hill. we can’t feed him too much. ignore the guidelines on the bag of kibbles, feed him as much as he wants. pouncey likes this advice.
he had round worms but that is normal. they gave him shots and dewormer and flea and tick medicine. he was not feeling too great last night but woke up this morning his usual pouncey self.