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week at the beach

a week at the beach was awesome.

we took the dogs, and they were good boys.

Nacho is not afraid to climb in a lap for love. #dog #yellow #lab #love

pouncey had some trouble staying in control. he wanted to pounce after everything he saw. dogs are not allowed off-leash until november 15, so this was a challenge. nacho and eli had a ball.

eli & kevin

we took some loooooong walks on the beach.

I like long walks on the beach. #pinacoladas

we ate like kings. the place had a kitchen and kevin made seafood feast after seafood feast. we had an awesome dinner at the fat hen.


we turned a gift bottle of grey goose into daily ‘boat drinks’ that improved the tone of the whole week. we played lots of pro-kadima.


we boogie boarded. scrabble. rummy. chillin.

nacho pouncey sleeping together

celebrated 4 years of dating. all was well. all is well.

as fantastic as the beach is, there’s no place like home. 

fall blue ridge