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put kimmy back together!

the year was 1980 ish.

the family had 3 kids under 6 years old.

the family had some gerbils.

the gerbils were kept in a cage with a wheel in the spare bedroom.

they named one of the gerbils kimmy.

kimmy learned how to escape her cage and was found in another bedroom.

for the safety of kimmy, everybody agreed to make sure she stayed in her cage in the spare bedroom.

one of the boys was playing with her and she tried to run out the door.

the boy may or may not have looked like this.  

kevin baby cutest thing ever

the boy slammed the door shut to keep kimmy inside.

the door slammed shut on kimmy.

kimmy was split in half.  there were two arms on each side of the separated animal.

the boy screamed at his mother for the first time


the mother laughed.

the children got a cat.

the children named the cat princess mary.

princess mary lived for 20 years.