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dogs in cuba

dont touch the animalsthere were many sweet dogs in the streets in havana. most of them looked like a 10-20 lb mutt combination of dachshund wiener dog, papillon, terrier, and/or cocker spaniel.

puppy snuggles

there were certain dogs who lived in certain city squares. some had paper tags around their neck saying that they lived in that square and had been neutered.

every day i saw cuban people giving food to street dogs. styrofoam platters of yellow rice sat on the sidewalks next to hotels. a woman brought steaming rice in wet newspaper to this pup in the park, and then walked away. it seemed like even the mangy ones were being taken care of.

mangy dog with free lunch

our cuban tour guide lived in a small apartment by himself and had a dog. he said the dog was 19 years old (maybe another cuban myth) and he fed the dog the same food as he fed himself. not his scraps, he made extra of everything he cooked and fed his dog at the same time.

the main adjective i would use to describe the dogs i met is MELLOW. they weren’t friendly, as in coming up to greet a stranger friendly, but if you went up to them, they didn’t mind, and wagged their tails. there was no jumping or freaking out, like pouncey puppy perrito would have been doing. no chasing, not much barking. just kind of sitting around. this was the cutest dog gang in havana.

cutest dog gang in havana

their fur felt like steel wool.

i saw one and only one labrador retriever who looked like nacho. he was being walked on a leash.