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4 good things

my tribute to betsylife and leilaland‘s weekly ‘great list’, here are 4 good things from this week illustrated by photos:

we are watching a sweet 12 year old golden retreiver maizey this week. she is blind in one eye but still prances around the yard and don’t take no mess from pouncey. or anybody. she is extremely fluffy.

the river is pretty beautiful right now. freezing and full of flotsam from recent storms, but at a pretty level. 


february 5 i spotted these crocuses in the yard. february 5! purple ones sprouted to the left of them the next day. to all those in the northeast preparing for a historic blizzard, good luck! 

nacho helped himself to maizey’s bag of kibbles off the counter last night while we were out. he ate 3-4 days worth. this picture is during the ensuing food coma. extra chunky nachos.  but he’s doing fine today! and happy!