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happy birthday POUNCEY!

to the dog affectionately referred to as:

pouncey de leon
pounce diggity
sir pounce-a-lot

woooo hoooo! it’s pouncey’s birthday! he made it! one whole year! he has eaten a few magazines, 1 pair of shoes, a piece of the gutter off the house, corners from a few pillows, buttons from a handful of shorts. nothing major.

he has learned all of his tricks, and is working hard on a new one for when people come to the door. instead of barking and trampling, he gets on his bed and stays until i say ‘okay.’ then he pounces at me full steam for a piece of bacon.  

we took him home

from his first day when he was just barely hatched and probably still blind, til today when he snuggles nacho’s butt for a nap, he has been a real joy!

happy birthday pouncey puppy!