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pouncey has a twin

one family at the rv park where pouncey was born last year kept one of his puppy brothers, in addition to their mother blizzard. 

they named the puppy duke. i am choosing to believe it’s after the bush’s beans talking dog duke, and not after that crappy school in durham.

the park has a facebook page and they occasionally post pictures of duke.

poUNCey or duke? hard to tell!

this absolutely makes my day. i “like” all the pictures, and make comments, it’s really the only page on facebook i go to, and i go there way too often. it’s to the point kevin is hinting that i am stalking them. 

i think the dogs may have identical DNA – they even share have mirrior image tongue spots.

this is duke, click to see pouncey’s tongue spot

it makes me so happy to see pictures of pouncey’s twin having a nice little life over in waynesville. 

Nacho & Pouncey or Blizzard and Duke?

do you think it’s natural to be fascinated by your pet’s twin?