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happy 10th birthday NACHO!

today everybody’s favorite labrador with an overbite, nachodoggy turns a healthy hearty 10 anos!

he has been the sweetest, most gentle dog i’ve ever had. nach door

big brother holden was a little wary of sharing his toys and food, and in fact ate much of nacho’s kibbles for the first couple of months before i realized what was happening. nacho was fine with sharing!


nacho makes friends with everybody, even aaron the ups guy.


nacho is not the perfect dog. he’s a major counter surfer.

bad dog! 

nacho was on the san diego news during the vintage vantage ‘voting is for old people’ t-shirt controversy 


nacho moved to a house with a pool and was never scared to get in. holden would not get in, nacho hopped in immediately! 


nacho is endlessly patient with puppies! 

nacho tilly holden 

nacho loves to ride in the car. he was happy to move to north carolina. he is happy to do anything. 


nacho will go to the bathroom ANYWHERE. he is not ashamed. when he has to go, he goes. anywhere, anytime. getting a doggy door has been a great advance in nacho’s life. 

synchronized pooping 

nacho LOVES puddles! he loves to wallow in puddles like a pig. 

nacho resting 

nacho is a terrible retriever. his overbite precludes him from holding a tennis ball. he doesn’t care! he is happy just the way he is. 

thanksgiving pups 

nacho makes himself comfortable, wherever he is. he finds the softest spot and settles. 

clown dog 

nacho lies like a frog! still! always! feet splayed behind him. 

nacho morning 

nacho got his name because his ears look like tortilla chips 

nacho doggy! 

nacho is so gentle when he takes treats. sooo gentle! never bites. 

nacho had a little lamb 

nacho is a great hiking companion. he doesn’t pull on a leash, and he doesn’t run away. 

nacho top of the world 

 nacho is very sweet to pouncey. pouncey is a punk. nacho is a fantastic mother to him. 
wanna be startin somethin 

nacho loves the water, and he loves following eli around! 

follow the leader 

nacho wins contests! here is is with some wholly guacamole that he won online! viva! 

nacho & guacamole 

he is just so sweet i can’t stand it 

sweet wagging nacho 

he’s also very handsome and noble, and his fleece is white as snow. 

Like he's made of sheepskin #dog #yellow #labrador #nacho