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WTF Wednesday – friday edition

moving right along, because there’s nothing nacho liked more than something that makes ya go hmmmmmm…. here is week 2 of WTF wednesday (or friday) –  that day reserved for scratching your head at the wide variety of whackadoo things human beings have created.

 you really don’t see enough golf ball crafts these days.

did you know vanna white has a series of barbie dolls in her likeness from the 1990’s? vanna gold, vanna silver, and vanna platinum. would you like to buy a vowel?

am i seeing this right? par 6? 747 yards? are we on mars?

this one is not man-made, yet still elicits a WTF response. a giant limb wishboned itself on another limb. widow maker to the max.

here we have a lovely wall hanging – somebody took a picture of a lamb in a thicket, printed it out in poster size and had it professionally framed. 

in more WTF news, we’re looking for puppies and may be following the nacho trail of tears to ohio this weekend to pick one up.  crazy? yes. completely. but hell, we never claimed sanity.


as with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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