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Sugarhoney the Daily Puppy

look who made cover of the daily puppy today!

go over there and give her 11 puppy biscuits!

i put 20 photos in her album, and it seems to me that they picked 9 of my least favorite to feature. maybe the editors were drunk, or maybe it’s a random generator.

anyway, here are some pictures i wish they had picked!

sugarhoney tennis ball
sugarhoney tennis ball

coming down the stairs
sugarhoney down the stairs

leaping sugarhoney
leaping sugarhoney

sugarhoney lies down to eat
sugarhoney lies down when she eats

sugarhoney's first family portrait
pouncey, sugarhoney, and eli – family portrait

ah well, i am very grateful she is featured at all – and next time on the daily puppy i will know to only upload the pictures that i want them to use!

here’s the link again to give her biscuits: sugarhoney the labrador retriever