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daily sugarhoney: sugarnephews

sugarhoney had the weekend of her life. (so far).

w, r, sugarhoney, kevin & pouncey playing fetch

my brother and his amazing wife and 3 adorable boys ages 4 years, 2 years, and 11 months (you read that right) came to visit.

r & w in the dog crate

sugarhoney got lots of head pats, and only the bare minimum of tail pulls. they spent a lot of time shut inside her crate with her. she chased them around and was completely exhausted when they left.

eli and pouncey behaved well other than when eli swiped and swallowed an english muffin out of the hands of a 2 year old.

we were outside most of the weekend and saw a 6 foot black rat snake, a spider catch, mummify, and devour a wasp in its web, and two box turtles.

lightning and the river otters

we also went to the wnc nature center where nephew #1 delivered the most amazing mountain lion impression in the history of mountain lion impressions.

leopard w

could a baby be cuter than this? i really can’t imagine how. such a smiley, happy little guy.

k swinging

we had a ball, and now it is time to rest.