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daily sugarhoney: sugarlearning

sugarhoney is finally kinda sorta maybe possibly getting the hang of housebreaking.

pensive sugarhoney

she loves to play with her brothers, especially pouncey. they roughhouse all day and snuggle all night.

snuggle heads

 2 more weeks until she gets her last set of vaccines and can leave the house/yard.  until then the risk of parvo is supposedly too great.


 on tuesday, i fed them around noon, and then eli and pouncey came back to my office. after a couple minutes when she hadn’t joined them, i went to investigate. she had knocked over their giant tupperware bin of dog kibbles and was inside of it trying to eat her way out. she is a total piggycub.  she likes to chew things, but thankfully, unlike her late great brother holden, she seems to only chew them, and not ingest them.