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daily sugarhoney: sugarhike!

sugarhoney has her walking papers! she got her final vaccines on tuesday and is good to go.

yesterday was one of the nicest days of the year and we took her for her first hike.

sugarhoney in a field

she loved it!

she followed pouncey. when pouncey went too far too fast, she followed us.

sugarhoney crossing a bridge

we went about a mile, up and down a hill. on the way out, she would do 6 hops, and sit down. 6 hops, sit down. she is a sweet sugarchunker!


she is okay riding in the trunk, but really wanted to get in the front with us. i think she’ll enjoy it much more as she grows and is less tossed around back there. 

sugartrunk going home

when we got home, she basically slept until morning.  

 first sugarhike = success!