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daily sugarhoney: sugartricks

we had a stormy, rainy columbus day weekend. 

sugarhoney took this opportunity to work on her tricks. 

 she has known “sit” for a couple of weeks. we didn’t teach her this, she just picked it up.

 lie down lessons 

and now she knows “lie down!”

she will do anything to get a treat, which makes her easy to train. i’ve never successfully trained a dog to roll over, but i might try with sugarhoney. 

we took every break in the rain that we could to enjoy the fall colors outside. 

yellow fall color

golden gold gold.

sugarhoney likes sitting on laps. she is awesome at ipad scrabble. 

playing scrabs

i’d like to thank the wonderful, honest people of asheville. i dropped a leash in a parking lot last week, went back 4 days later and – voila! thank you honest people!

here’s a picture of pouncey and me under a red tree. 

happy fall!