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WTF Wednesday: Pest Control, Head Cuddles, Butter Warmers

Good day, Wednesday! Good day, WTF!

Let us begin with some strange things spotted in sunny Florida. We went down last weekend to see my parents and we had a ball.

Nothing says pest control like a 6 foot dead cockroach.

Unless maybe you’ve got a 12 foot dead cockroach.

This one is pretty adorable.  Like the great pyramid. Of fro yo.

Here we have a classic case of “unnecessary” quotation marks.

We toured a house for sale that was built in 1982 and not touched since.  Everything was wood grain, and lo-fi.

I mean everything.

Welcome to our home! Dog butt.

Moving along to last night’s terrible basketball game between UNC and NC State. Brice Johnson fell out of bounds and then cuddled the State assistant coach’s head. 


Early cuddle:

End cuddle:

Background lady loves head cuddles.

Now for some thrifting treasures. Dental implants – a solid choice indeed.

 Creepy washed out boy-girl twin dolls lacquered onto a piece of wood, anyone? 

Good point, passive aggressive bathroom sign. 

This was found inside a Kenny Rogers LP.  Straight outta 1988 via Print Shop.

Last but not least, butter warmers.

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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