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WTF Wednesday: Melon Garnishing, Spaghetti Head, Christians Can’t Count

Buenos Wednesdays! Buenos WTFs!

Let’s begin with some thrift art – Cat in a Nike:

cat in a nike

Harvey Rosen presents Melon Garnishing.

melon garnishing 2

Learn how to carve seahorses out of honeydew.

melon garnishing

How to avoid starving or stuffing your child. 

get your kid to eat

Just some tree frogs having a seance. 

ring of frogs

Good old spaghetti head.

spaghetti head

A gaggle of giant creepy dolls. 

slew of dolls

This one spiked her egg nog.

xmas doll

Swing low, sweet chariot.


Comin for to carry me hoooome.

angel chariot

Last but not least, the Temple Quartet (and a half.)

temple quartet

This has been added to the flickr group “Christians Can’t Count.”

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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