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WTF Wednesday: Sorry Tina, New Website

Hello Wednesday! Hello WTF!

Hello sidewalk sausage sticker.


Sign in front of departures at the Detroit airport. What does it mean? 

begin straight push

Tim, Tim, Tim….really screwed up this time…had to resort to the Community Communicator. I applaud the effort. 

sorry tina

I saw this on the interwebs, and the dog has a point. 

fetch fuckface

I also have 2 announcements: 1. I am going to start another weekly blog feature this week: Friend Promotion Friday – because self promotion is sucky and awkward, but friend promotion is fun; and 2. is officially under construction – and should emerge very shortly in a MUCH simpler format with products linked automatically to my Etsy shop. Thanks for your support and patience, in the mean time, SHV Etsy is the same as ever. 

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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New WTF this week: