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WTF Wednesday: Pouting, Maternity Undies

Ellohay, Wednesday! Ellohay, WTF!

I was introduced to a new church thrift store last week and it was full of treasures, inside and out. 

Thrifting in Weaverville. #thrifting #toilets #manytoilets #thrift #weaverville #wnc #whatswrongwiththesetoilets

The doll is called Precious Expressions. 

kilt doll 2

I have a different definition of precious.

kilt doll

Hey look, it’s Pouty Patty!

sad doll

Tongue out Tuesday magnet. 

tongue out pom

What is happening here? Diary? Guest book?

picture girl

Anybody need a maternity stretch panel?

maternity undies

Last but not least, as pointed out to me by my friend SuperMama, Darrin’s Coconut Ass – a real life album by Goldfinger. 

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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