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WTF Wednesday: Fake Ice Cream, Towelephant

Bonjour Wednesday! Bonjour WTF!

Bonjour, cherub riding a pair of dolphins!

dolphin riding cherub

Bonjour, toothpick!


Bonjour, Goldsboro!


Adieu, Goldsboro!

goldsboro back

Bonjour, happy flautist!

song of the seashore

Bonjour, fake ice cream sundae!

fake ice cream sundae

I think you are a candle, but flame next to plastic straws?

fake ice cream

Bonjour, Tiffy!


Bonjour, bowling frog!

bowling frog

Bonjor, warrior sitting on a bear in Reebok high tops!

reebok hitops

Bonjour, baby in a pile of hats!

baby fireman

Last but not least, bonjour, wig-wearing towelephant!


 As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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