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WTF Wednesday: Phat Mart, Bizarro E.T.

Hallo Wednesday! Hallo WTF!

Hallo Encyclopedia of Cockatoos!

encyclopedia cockatoos

Hallo sad colorblock clown!

sad colorblock clown

Hallo same clown face in twisted tin solder suit!

tin soldier

This picture is wretched but it says “Honk if You’ve Been Cheated by Verizon!” on the back; the driver’s side had a hand-painted board saying “Chevrolet Does Not Honor its Warranty!”

honk if you've been cheated by verizon

Hallo baby doll with blue eyeshadow!

baby lady

Hallo entire book about Baking Soda!

baking soda

Hallo brown-faced cart pulling-lamb!

brown faced cart pulling lamb

Hallo lacquered conch shell clock with no hands!

conch shell clock

Hallo glitter piggy bank!

glitter piggy bank

Hallo ram in a vase!

ram in a vase

Hallo, Phat Mart!

phat mart

Last but not least, hallo bizarro E.T. with a patch of grass covering his genitals!


As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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