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WTF Wednesday: Extra Muscles, Exercising Made Easy

Good morning Wednesday! Good morning WTF!

Good morning, 10 pound sand sculpture proclaiming Tom’s love for Donna!

tom loves donna

Good morning, crappy Coors beer can topped with a mouse in a Broncos tam!

coors can

Good morning, relaxing clown!

down clown

Good morning, feather boa wreath!


Good morning, Native American brave with extra muscles!

latissimus dorsi  3

Human latissimus dorsi does not look anything like that, no matter how many sidebends and situps are done!

latissimus dorsi

Good morning, pipe smoking dog made out of painted grass!

pipe dog

Good morning, T-rex trampling gnomes!




Good morning, seamstress!


Last but not least, good morning, Exercising Made Easy!

exercise easy

Grab a couple books and go for it! (Move on the far right is definitely bad for her knee.)

exercise easy 2

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.
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