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WTF Wednesday: Attempted Assassin’s House

Good day, Wednesday! Good day, WTF!

I’ve seen the neighbors across the street, Fanny and Bill (names not changed because they’re too funny), one and only one time since we moved in last December – the first week we were here they were outside and I went to say hi and Fanny pointed at our house and said “Do you know the history of that house?” I started to say I knew it had been renovated…and she said “Oh no, it’s the H___ house” and went on about how news reporters were camped out for weeks after the son of the people living here tried to kill the president in the early 80’s. 

I’m not going to say the name because he is still alive and it’s just too weird, but I think you all can figure it out. 

So we wikipedia’ed the story and burned sage throughout the house and chuckled about it and didn’t really consider it again until last week when I saw this carved into the driveway.

So that’s slightly WTF. 

Coincidentally, when Kevin’s parents moved into their Colorado house, they found one and only one thing left behind in the attic –

Last but not least, there was a ping pong challenge tournament here at the ol H____ house this weekend that achieved muchos WTF levels!

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.
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