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WTF Wednesday – Car in a Tree, Uncivil Girl Friend

Ellohay Wednesday! Ellohay WTF! Ellohay September teddy bear with rhinestone feet! Ellohay, Volvo SUV going 55mph in a 25 yesterday afternoon, that took a turn too wide too fast and knocked over one of our pine trees, crashed into another! Read More...
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WTF Wednesday – My Pig Out Jar

Bonjour, Wednesday! Bonjour WTF! Bonjour guilt-inducing paperweight! Bonjour, My Pig Out Jar! What goes in here – M&M’s? Or money every time you house a bag of Doritos? Last but not least, Bonjour, no I would not. As with all Read More...
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WTF Wednesday: Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Weasel Plate

G’day Wednesday! G’day WTF! We found a crazy TV show – “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo” – set in Queensland in the early 90s. Skippy is a female kangaroo family pet like Lassie, but even smarter. You can tell Skippy to Read More...
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WTF Wednesday – New Site and Phone Spaniel

Hello Wednesday! Hello WTF! Skippy Haha Vintage has a new site!  It is very much like the old site, but now, with a working cart! To celebrate, I am offering a one-time use coupon code NEWSITE30 good for 30% your Read More...