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licensed to drive

i went to the dmv bright & early this morning to get a NC drivers license, all prepared to take the 25 question written test but they still had me on file from 4 years ago so all i had to do was read the top line on the vision chart & identify 8 road signs by their color and shape & take a new photo and 20 minutes later i left with my new license. sometimes things just work out.
and i am all the wiser for knowing things like
“Secondary roads” are roads where… hills are more likley to be more steep and curves are likely to be more sharp than on primary roads.

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in cities and towns is… 35 miles per hour.

If a vehicle sways freely, leans heavily to one side during a turn or seems to bounce continuously, there may be a problem with the… suspension system.

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elected terry bellamy 33 smart black woman mayor
pro hockey minor league baseball
13″ snow/year
low crime
all galleries & independent local shops & street cafes & parks & construction & tourists no chains
2 universities lakes rivers hospitals live music film festival decaying warehouses bookstores moldy shack gingerbread house chain link fence live music film festival street musicians tenor sax when the saints go marching in couple fiddlers young & hot biscuits river district artist studio stroll heady grocery stores manufacturing pvc pipe backpacks shrimp & grits & dogs all over the place