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running bear

and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the gaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-arden!

saw this little fella stopped in a neighbor’s driveway yesterday afternoon. it started running from us, through yards, into the woods. 

looked to be young and healthy, about 150 lbs. 

we had an encounter in the yard last week with a bear – i was out there throwing the ball for all 3 dogs around lunchtime, sugarhoney stopped in her tracks and started growling, eli blazed past her directly at a big black bear 20 yards away just over a hill, i started yelling for all dogs to come with me back to the house, they followed me, and the bear walked in the opposite direction.

it’s a jungle out there!

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happy birthday, sugarhoney!

sugarhoney tot

today is the day our little sugarsnickers turns 1. it’s also the day nachodoggy would have turned 12.

we were kind of hoping for a mini-nacho, and she has kind of delivered.

she does a couple things that nacho did, that the other dogs do not do.

she runs right down to the river and swims in circles in the exact same spot nacho used to do it. 

sugarhoney swim in circles

(see nacho swim in circles)

the other dogs wait on the bank until we throw something. nacho and sugar really seem to enjoy swimming, and get in for the joy of swimming.

if she is too hot on a hike, she lies down.

sugar cooling her underside

(nacho did the same thing)

of course, she is her own dog. she is so round, it’s like she’s made out of beach balls. i don’t know if it’s a female dog thing, but to me she is the shape of the olympic rings.

sugarhoney round

she is in love with pouncey. she follows him everywhere. she is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to vie for his attention. 

who bit my tail

she gets herself uphill from him and lets loose.

heeeey pouncey

she is not afraid to jump on the couch for a snuggle.


she is calm and gentle, she wags her tail when she meets new dogs and people, and she will come, sit, and lie down when she feels like it.

mainly she is just a little skunk who fits in riiiiight there.

three happy dogs

happy birthday, sugarchunks! today you will celebrate with a meatball! 

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happy 3rd birthday, pouncey!

yesterday pouncey turned the ripe old age of 3!

happy 3rd birthday pouncey!

21 in dog years. he is slowly but surely turning into a right decent pet – he has calmed down ever so slightly, and is a very patient brother for sugarhoney.

eli had a blast at the party.

birthday pouncey eli

the party consisted mainly of pouncey eating salmon. 

sugar pouncey eli birthday

happy birthday, pounce-swah, joyeux anniversaire! (upon learning he is the color of a french baguette a few months ago, he instantly developed a french accent and insists on being called pounsoir.)

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WTF Wednesday: Air Pollution, Chanel No. 5, Unicorn Farm

Buenos Wednesdays! Buenos WTFs!

First of all, thank you for the stitches sympathy last week – I had them removed Monday and my mousing hand is expected to make a full recovery – hooray!

Now onto some environmental WTFery – approaching the Goodwill in Canton, NC one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sight of massive towers of smoky steam billowing into the sky. 


It’s the Evergreen paper mill and it looks like a third world Fraggle Rock – pipes and rusting buildings and silos seemingly haphazardly connected, spewing foul-smelling dusty smoke, all day every day.


It’s really quite a sight, and quite a smell, and quite a load for the lungs – “Haywood County has some of the highest levels of industrial air pollution in the state. It ranks fourth out of 100 counties statewide in toxic air emissions, and third statewide in the level of known carcinogens emitted into the air, according to Environmental Protection Agency emissions data for 2010.” Here’s some more info from the Smoky Mountain News: 

Canton paper mill seeks state aid in costly air pollution upgrades


I hope they are able to quickly turn this into something more eco-friendly. (not bloody likely).

Moving on! Thriftstore treasures! These were part of a set of 12 bonnet-wearing ceramic girls. Creeptastic.

american girl ceramics

These old dudes may be recognizable to somebody, but not to me.

old dude figurines

I smelled this, and they are lying.  Not at all just like Chanel No. 5.

just like chanel

Here we have a sculpture made by Pouncey and Sugarhoney. 

chewed dog bowl

Took them over a year to whittle this design. 

chewed dog bowl

Last but not least, Unicorn Farm Road. 

unicorn farm road

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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New WTF this week: