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so glad we’re renting

western north carolina got a major rain/snow storm this weekend that dumped inches of rain in one day.

the living room ceiling sprouted lovely new water damage.

i feel badly for the people who own this house. they had to replace the entire HVAC last year for us (because it was spewing carbon monoxide and wouldn’t heat above 60 degrees), and now it looks like they’ll need to replace the roof.

there are 8 huge old dead hemlocks in the back yard that need to be removed too. the wooly adelgid killed them sometime in the past 5 years. if they take these dead trees and their roots out, and don’t plant something major in their place, however, the yard will be barren and i believe this house will slide down the hill in the next decade.

home ownership is not cheap. especially ownership of 100 year old homes built into the side of hills.