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free shirts, spam, cheers to betsy

in an effort to keep this blog un-spammy, i started a new blog just for the vintage shirts i’m selling.

skippy haha vintage blog

it doesn’t mean i’ll never post here about shirts, or peanut butter stash safes, or whatever, but i’m going to try to keep them separate.

BUT the bloggers who so kindly took me up on the offer of free shirts in exchange for bloglove will be posted over there and here, because i think they’re interesting.

without further ado, it’s betsylife!

betsy is awesome. she will make you smile, smile, smile. in real life and on the internets.
she posts daily. super fresh recipes, some simple, some not. all with mouth-watering photos. she’s full of tips on cooking and enjoying life in general. she’s also an amazing painter. totally inspiring.
back when i lived in san diego, she was one of the most beautiful and creative t-shirt models around – always willing and able to go the distance for the shot, so help her jesus.
she’s the first to take me up on the offer of free t-shirts for bloggers.
check out her post here.
thanks so much and cheers, betsy!
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standing offer for free t-shirts (while supplies last)

do you have a blog?

do you post more than 12 times a year?

do you like old t-shirts?

if you answered yes to all of those questions, and would like a *FREE* vintage t-shirt from the skippy haha vintage shop, pick one out and email me. i’ll send it to you on the house if you promise to post a picture of the shirt with a link to the etsy shop.

i know blogging is a thankless job and i appreciate the time you take to entertain the faceless masses. 

*some restrictions apply: you’re not getting the 1979 keith moon the kids are alright shirt from the who. or any shirt that’s more than $30. probably. exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. i’m the judge of those cases.

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A Day in the Life of One Girl: Riding Horses On Thin Ice

You all go over and see Jessica wearing a pink horses t-shirt from the skippy haha etsy shop. She is braving ice cold in short sleeves and wearing bitchin blue shoes. Bonus of heartwarming cute old man stories.

A Day in the Life of One Girl: Riding Horses On Thin Ice: “On Thursday I tried to get some errands done since I had half of the day off. Instead of enjoying my vacation day by doing something fabulou…”