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peace haiku 44 – 50

sip peppermint tea
hot cold hot cold spread hot cold
frosty warm heart balm

if we’re all divine
then to believe in yourself’s
to believe in god

structure & focus
doesn’t let you add fluff fluff
haiku will you write

not so much lotion
as the act of applying
that promotes good health

respect goes both ways
& with it dances kindness
when they’re gone they’re gone

if you try you can’t
fight the inevitable
you can quit the dread

this blow you’ve dealt will
end up being the best thing
that could’ve happened

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not longing haiku 77-83

sell it to people
who don’t know the meaning of
words you are saying

make them buy two in
case this breaks an extra can’t
hurt to have these days

keep them in fear and
you keep the high hand and you
rule all this damned land

doesn’t matter your
name you’re the one i will blame
when anything breaks

try as you might to
keep it alright the screws will
fall down to the floor

how do you lose a
bunch of trivial pursuit
cards? i don’t get it

fat rubbery it
all bounces off but the ones
that cut deep stayed deep

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peace haiku 37-43

get to get green with
deepest inhale let it out
push reset button

fog puddles cloud road
wipers distract more than clear
proceed via gut

bold enough to ask
play cute pry my deepest cut
you’ll get my gross truth

don’t cheat on someone
you care about when it’s so
easy to break up

problem method do
adapt repeat ritual
solvent solution

my religion is
realism try to see
things as they are now

transcend every
minute perspective & be
all the connections