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pouncey’s darkest hour

this is the last photo of pouncey’s gonads.

i called the vet to check on him an 2 hours after he got out of surgery and the receptionist was like “oh yeah he’s doin fine, he’s back there jumpin all over the place…” so that’s good?

they used some kind of medical super glue instead of stitches because he is so bouncy the stitches would not have lasted 1 day. 

he should make a full recovery.  sorry little buddy.

he is also missing 3/4 of his baby seal whiskers. we had a yard fire going this weekend to get rid of dead branches and pouncey chased a tennis ball face first into a fire. i googled it and his whiskers will grow back.

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instagram lately

i’m skippyhaha on instagram. it’s a quick fun way to post photos from your phone with editing filters that make them look like they were taken by a disposable camera with sand inside. i can dig it. 
here are some recent ones: 
found at goodwill – why can’t congress act like this? 

fireworks please

watch dogs

fat boy junior – 32 lbs of puppy

first act of defiance: pouncey shredded toilet paper on his bed