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all that’s left

he went to pick up ashes
of my dog who’s dead
ten days since i mohawked
the fur on his soft head

the IV tube stuck in his arm
on which he laid his chin
i said goodbye my sweet sweet pet
i’ll see you soon again

it sucks that i was lying
i thought he would be fine
his insides tangled dying
his outsides showed no sign

the saddest part is over
it can’t hurt any worse
time will work its magic
only blessing no more curse

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holden, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

Holidays and birthdays, I don’t expect a thing,
Everyone has a good birthday and all the holidays filled
with toys, gifts and joy. For me, whatever I get my heart is
overjoyed, I don’t expect a thing.

The seasons come and go, sometimes I get real nice stuff,
Sometimes it’s just so-so, you will never hear me complain and
I’m never disappointed, because I never expect a thing.

Someone said to me, “Why don’t you expect some things
for holidays and special occasions?”
I have all that I need so it really does not matter, as long as
my folks are in good health, have food to eat, and money to
spend, I know my gifts will come in time my friend.

I don’t expect a thing, so I always get surprised and no
matter what the gift, what really matters is what’s inside.

I don’t expect a thing and my life is quite all right.

I don’t expect a thing and I always get treated real nice.

from Poetry of a Father Lover & Friend by William O. Johnson

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everybody turns their head up
when stepping outside
to see if the dark sky
might get darker
and wash us all with rain
and soak us all with rain
or if again today
these stone gray puffed castles
will glide march overhead
with slightest far off rumbles
refusing still to cry