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my iTunes Top 25 Most Played

as of right this second, sorted by play count – title artist # times played

Main Title Theme (Billy) Bob Dylan 1269

Chenoa Trevor Garrod 259

I Hate Love Surprise Me Mr. Davis 136

Currency Exchange Invisible HJs 132

Sleepy Head Surprise Me Mr. Davis 109

Deffects > Endless Horrendous Patrick Mucha 87

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right Bob Dylan 82

Fat King Of Gods Surprise Me Mr. Davis 80

SG7016 Simon & Garfunkel 78

As Long As There’s One Of Us Still Standing Surprise Me Mr. Davis 78

I Like My Women On The Trashy Side Zero 78

Everything Must Go Surprise Me Mr. Davis 77

How Stupid I Am Surprise Me Mr. Davis 76

Journey Song Xavier Rudd 75

Poor Boy Surprise Me Mr. Davis 74

Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door (Live) Bob Dylan 68

19th Nervous Breakdown Surprise Me Mr. Davis 67

Mr. Tambourine Man Gregory Isaacs 66

Oh the Glorious Brett Dennen 65

Fat King of Gods ThaMuseMeant 65

Faced With Love Trevor Garrod 64

I’m Waiting for the Man*** Tea Leaf Green 63

Country Camper Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) 59

Break My Stride (A Capella Reprise) Blue Lagoon 56

I Wanna Get to Heaven Before I Die Surprise Me Mr. Davis 54

and with a commanding lead of a thousand times played is the theme to billy the kid.

* this is not the list for iTunes in general, this is just my own personal iTunes, no way is SMMD getting that much playtime worldwide. yet.