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hot tub fever = “so, you know, if you’re feelin cold just think like this” – DL

listen along to ALO

read along with the words:

With a little bit of heart, and a whole lotta soul,
we’re gonna get the damn thing heated
Tried before in years in the past, but this time, I won’t be defeated
Cuz i drew the map and the diagram and put all the parts in place
and as Memorial Day comes to a close, I feel that time and space have come together to help me finally see this through
so by evening-time, I hope to be kickin it with you
taking the time we all deserve
maybe sipping on a gin-and-tonic, maybe smokin on a little herb
in our hot tub
even if it has to use water from my shower to get it hot
I gotta do what i got to do
cause i’ve carted this thing around, and I won’t stop just yet
until i feel the warm therapeutic blast from the hot tub’s hyper jets
Come on over and sit in my hot tub
Feel the warm therapeutic blast
You see, we were broken men at the ends of our ropes
hot with hot tub fever in their groins and in their throats
erractic behavior. loss of self control
tearing up our front deck, digging big fat holes
in the middle of the night so the owner wouldn’t catch on
gravediggers in the cemetery, gone before the dawn
hot tub fever! he’s got this crazy look in his eye
he spent 60 bucks on a brand new pump from those bastards down the street
30 more for chlorine, 100 to fix that leak
we spent all our money on the hot tub, until we don’t got enough to eat
hot tub fever! burning in our brains!
if i could sit in it just once, I think I’d be okay
Come on over and sit in my hot tub
Feel the warm therapeutic blast
For the last four years, we’ve been trying to get this thing to work…

ALO here!