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WTF Wednesday: Clowns, Servants, Feral Swine

Good morning, Wednesday! Let’s WTF!

Here is a school bus with some crocs in the windshield.

Behold a divine assortment of housewares at the Goodwill.  A butler/servant figurine, a vodka bottle wrapped in tassels, and a plastic giraffe filled with photos of safari animals. 

Here’s a fantastic story of a hunter who killed a 707 lb feral pig about 45 minutes from here last month.

I’ve hiked a lot of these woods, and have never seen a feral pig.  Some great quotes in the story: 

When a 707-pound wild hog with razor sharp tusks is hurtling at you at full speed, it’s, well, a tad unsettling. “I thought I done filled one of my boots up,” Bruce Florence said with a hearty laugh. “It scared the fool out of me.”


“We got about 150 pounds of sausage off him,” Bruce Florence said. “The tenderloin was 5 foot, 10 inches long.”

They killed the beast at 9:15 a.m., and by that afternoon Florence said he was eating ribs and sausage, with the tenderloin on the menu for Saturday.

“I had to bump my blood pressure medicine from one to two pills a day, I’ve eaten so much pork,” Florence said with a laugh.

They’re also tanning the hide, and Florence said they removed six, five-gallon buckets of fat, just from the hide.

And this gem about what to do if a wild pig attacks you:

If you fall or are knocked down, get onto your back with your feet facing the animal, and start kicking rapidly with your feet against the end of the snout or head, making sure that your feet don’t get caught in the pig’s mouth.


Okay! WTF?!

Last but not least, a thrift store clown.

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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