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WTF Wednesday: Nacho Face, Screaming Cat-Baby, Heino

Hola Wednesday! Hola WTF!

Let’s begin with a scene from a baseball game. A foul ball went into the stands, and hit this lady in the nachos. 

nacho lady 2

A full minute later they flash back to her again and she still has nacho cheese all over her face! None of her nitwit friends told her. 

I abide by the “see something, say something” rule when it comes to food on friends’ faces. 

Moving right along to tongue out Tuesday.

tongue out tuesday

Somebody’s entire 80s – 90s Garfield the Cat plushie collection is at the Goodwill in Canton right now. 


Also you will find a screaming baby in a catsuit.

baby in cat suit

When my love returns from the ladies room will I be too old to care?

when my love returns from the ladies room will i be too old to care

The Washington Hillbillies.

the washington hillbillies

Jesus requires men traveling with him wear banana suits.

traveling with jesus

Is this really the best picture we could find of Lenny?

lenny dee

Last but not least, hey now! HEINO! The voice of home in German.


As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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