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WTF Wednesday: Camo Face, High Gospel, Weiner Dog, Clown Hands

Ellohay, Wednesday! Ellohay WTF!

It’s a camo-face woman with soul-stealing eyes.

woman camo face

Knights in tight satin.

gatlin brothers

Poor Anita Bryant must’ve blown a gasket after Obergefell. The threat of militant homosexuality my ass. 

militant homosexuality

Sego brothers and Naomi make awesome singing faces.

sego brothers and naomi

Their hair is high.

high in gospel country

Juvenile deliquency – how you can help. 

juvenile deliquency

Written by her mother. I’d like a life-size poster of this hanging next to my bed.

yes you can heather

The doll has no face, but is wearing a panda hat. Myrtle Beach, baby.

myrtle beach panda face

Hey craptastic weiner dog sculpture.

weiner dog sculpture

Last but not least, the hands of a clown. I sincerely hope there’s a piano missing.

hands of a clown

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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