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WTF Wednesday: Stoic Clowns, Free Kisses, Rescue Dummy

Good morning, Wednesday! Good morning, WTF!

Let’s begin with a dog sleeping like a sugarnitwit. 

comfy sug?

Now for a couple of stoic clowns: Asian…

asian clown

And argyle.

argyle clown

Flute section of the angel band.

angel flute

At least this one has her hands properly placed. 

flute mandolin

This broken music box depicts, I think, pregnant hippies. 

pregnant music box

Free kisses!

kisses free

Ewe isn’t fat…

ewe is fat

Listen to how to speak up.

how to speak up

Dr. Bear is here to scrape your gums.

dentist bear

 Oh, the horrors this ceramic doll has seen.

strawberry fruitcake

Last but not least, they are charging $75 for this “Rescue Dummy.” (Gently used).

rescue dummy

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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