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WTF Wednesday: Dogs Eating Meatballs, Super Crappy Tuesday

Hello Wednesday! Hello WTF!

As I posted on facebook, Super (Crappy) Tuesday yesterday was disappointing, though not unexpected:

after brushing away some fragile white woman tears this morning, i’ve strongly renewed my resolve to fight as hard as i can for the Bernie Sanders campaign, because it is not the bernie sanders campaign, it is the anti-corruption campaign.

replace ‘bernie’ with ‘anti-corruption’ in all the news you see and you will realize that this fight will not be over in june, or november, and it sure as hell will not be over in march.

they thought they buried us, they didn’t know we were seeds.

The New York Times map shows Bernie won Western North Carolina by a large margin.  

The New York Times also engaged in corruption yesterday. They published their first positive article about Bernie Sanders. (“Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years Via Legislative Side Doors.”)

The Bernie campaign shared this complimentary article via official Facebook and Twitter.

The New York Times then CHANGED the title of the article (“Via Legislative Side Doors, Bernie Sanders Won Modest Victories.”), and CHANGED the content of the article to be much less favorable towards Bernie.

This is corruption.  This is the New York Times. This is not okay. I will continue to speak out against this corruption until my heart stops or my fingers fall off. WTF NY Times?

We are up against a lying (“1 Week, 6 Hillary Clinton Lies“), cheating, stealing, corrupt political machine, but grassroots run deep and I will keep watering them.

Moving along to the Presidential Primary 2.0.

Moving along, I might call this number today. 

pain relief

Moving further along, yesterday, Pouncey turned 4! And to celebrate he shared burger balls with his siblings.


pouncey meat 2

This brought him joy. 

pouncey meat


eli meat

Sugars like-a the meat. 

sugar meat 3

The meat is-a good. 

sugar meat

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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