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WTF Wednesday: Raggedy Family, Bernie Sanders Year One Photos

Hey Wednesday! Hey WTF!

Hello Raggedy family in Oklahoma! (thanks, kid D!)

Moving on to something equally WTF in a less creepy way – feast your eyes on Bernie Sanders’ past year in photos – The Political Revolution: Year One

Starting out May 2015 in Burlington, Vermont,

Through last summer in Texas,

 August in Los Angeles,

Stunning display of compassion,

After stunning display of compassion,

He has done some incredible things,

And inspired an incredible number of people,

Like a goddamn Beatles concert,

With his family by his side,

 All day,

Every day,

For more than a year.

How he has the energy for event after event, week after week, I will never know, though it must feel great to be saying the same things you’ve been saying to empty rooms, only now to overflow stadiums full of cheering people. 

Dozens more photos here: The Political Revolution: Year One.

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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