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Friend Promotion Friday: Artist Jess Pfohl of JessMessin’

Hello and welcome to Friend Promotion Friday!

Self-promotion may be hard and awkward, but friend promotion is easy and fun.    

Feast your eyes on the art of Jess Pfohl, aka JessMessin’

Jess is an amazing artist based in the Baltimore area. Her works are bold and fun!

They are available on a wide variety of media including: signed prints, stickers, tote bags, cups, magnets, and pillows.

Pop art portrait illustration magnets!

Crab pillows!

Lobster prints!

She also does major art installations for festivals and other structures, such as Flower Farm

 She is legit, check out her resume: 

Check out her website:

Check out her current works:

Check out her store:

Check her out wearing a t-shirt I made specially for her which says “Happy Birthday” on the front, and “Sorry for Your Loss” on the back.  She was attending a birthday party in the afternoon, and a memorial concert in the evening and needed something suitable.

All in all, she is a wildly creative person who makes vibrant, fun, and functional art for a living, so show her some love!

Please keep in mind the vast majority of these friends are hustling to pay for their own health insurance. Supporting their businesses helps in many far-reaching positive ways.