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WTF Wednesday: Open Door Driving, President Trump

Hello Wednesday! Hello WTF!

Hello driving down the road with the driver’s door open, possibly fastened by bungee. 

open door policy

Hello hand drawn poster directing people to “Follow Poker Game Joseph Penley Facebook Page.”  (I googled and found nothing.)

follow poker page

Last but not least, last night was a pretty big WTF, at least for the political pundits of this country. 6 years ago I posted my thoughts on Donald Trump in relation to a Golf Channel spot I’d seen on his Scottish course. Hard to believe he will be Commander in Chief in January, but there we are. 

As for advice I would give to children today, I’d say – little girls and little boys can be whatever they dream, but remember – “Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.” If you cheat on a spelling test, on a bar exam, in the Tour de France, in a Primary election – and you are caught – you should expect expulsion. That the current chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, who replaced Debbie Wasserman Schultz after her dishonorable discharge in July for failing her duty to remain neutral, fed debate questions to Hillary and kept (still keeps) her job as DNC chair tells me all I need to know about the establishment. They should not have colluded with media to elevate Donald Trump as a scheme to win. They should have nominated Bernie, the people’s choice. Any negative consequences of a Trump presidency for the next 4 years rests squarely on the shoulders of the corrupt DNC. You play, you pay.

I’ll continue to fight oppression and injustice and push for a progressive future where the US enacts single payer health care, raises the minimum wage, overturns Citizens United, breaks up Wall Street, provides free public college, and fights Climate Change like we’d fight a war – what else is there to do? As Bernie says – the struggle continues!

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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