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WTF Wednesday: Dog Braces, March for Bernie, Love Poems

Ellohay, Wednesday! Ellohay, WTF!

Ellohay, Wesley, the golden retriever with braces!

Michigan Golden Retriever Gets Braces” (the pup’s dad is a “doggie dentist” – how conveeeeeenient). Incidentally, Nacho still has 2 of the top 4 google image results for “labrador overbite” and also “labrador overbite“- luckily Nacho didn’t have any problems eating like Wesley had. (Thank you Ted for pointing out this story.)

Moving on to a Hallmark book from 1980 called “Since You Came Along.” 

since you came along

It’s full of frosted photos and fruity love poems. 

Hello to life!

hello to love

Also matching outfits in common.

have love in common

The fun side of me!

fun side of me

Last but not least, you may not know by watching TV, but thousands of people in as many as 70 cities marched this weekend to support Bernie Sanders and his plans for Campaign Finance Reform, Medicare For All, $15 Minimum Wage, End FrackingStop Endless War in the Middle East, Take Marijuana Off the Federal List of Outlawed Drugs, Racial Justice, and Free Public College Tuition, among dozens of other progressive issues his campaign champions. 

bernie sanders march asheville

The revolution is alive and well, and may not be televised, but will be posted. 

bernie sanders march asheville

Great video of drumming for Bernie in Asheville. 

So when the corporate media and biased pundits tell you that Bernie Sanders has no shot at the nomination, give them the Sugarhoney eye roll. 

sugarhoney  eyeroll

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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