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WTF Wednesday: Senora Chihuahua, Come On and Zoom

Hi Wednesday! Hi WTF!

Let’s get some pesky dolls out of the way.  

Believe, pur, doll.

believe pur doll

The newscaster queen of Christmas. 

queen of xmas

Dolls in their boxes are scarier than dolls out of their boxes.


Help, I’m stuck!

motionette close



Coffee cup brimming with gilded teddy bears. 

coffee cup of teddy bears

The horse is not feeling it, the knight’s head is scrunched entirely down on his neck, and WTF is in his hand? 

knight dildo

I love dogs. I could not love dogs any more than I do. Even I would not put this in my house to show my love of dogs. 


Loss of control kit, with diaper inside, and plastic hammer on side to break cellophane. 

break open

Come on and zoom!


Pheobe is about to rock herself away to the bottom of that cliff.

rock away

Last but not least, hyper evil hyperextended arm doll!

xmas doll

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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