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WTF Wednesday: Anti-Gun Landscaper, Pig’s Fingers

Guten tag, Wednesday! Guten tag, WTF!

Here we have lunchtime at the ATM.

lunchtime at atm

The back of this trailer has a laminated photo of the back of this trailer. Also do not shoot the landscaper or landscaping equipment.

no guns landscaper

Dance to the beat.

angels wings

Remember when we played that game of football and couldn’t stop laughing? (ask the shoulder-sitting models on the board game “LifeStories”).

remember football game

Here’s a book – Dogs n Stuff. 

dogs n stuff

Filled with nothing but dogs and stuff – no text, no explanations, just a terrier poking through a bathing suit.

inside dogs n stuff

A piglet in each arm and creepy human fingers. 

father pig

Last but not least, a cat with a massive head. 

big head cat

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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