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Friend Promotion Friday: Fresh to Death Vintage

Hello and welcome to Friend Promotion Friday!

Self-promotion may be hard and awkward, but friend promotion is easy and fun. 

It is with great confidence and joy that I recommend my friend Stephanie Biagioni and her vintage shop Fresh to Death Vintage

Imagine Jerry and Elaine had a baby and raised her on Salt n Pepa videos – that would be Stephanie. She is hilarious and whip smart and has excellent taste in clothing and housewares and music.

Go Trailer, Go First Class vintage patch, anyone?

Future Harley Rider Maternity tee?

Stephanie cares and hustles and will do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. She will probably wrap your purchase in some cute vintage thing and may even put surprises in the box.

Check out her reviews on Etsy:  Fresh to Death Vintage reviews.

Check her out all over the interwebs: 
                         Etsy shop: Fresh to Death Vintage
                    Wanelo shop: Fresh to Death Vintage 
                        Instagram: Fresh to Death Vintage
                           Pinterest: Fresh to Death Vintage

Check her out in a couple of SHV original What the Flock t-shirts (which she commissioned): 

I love peanut butter. 

And garbage!

I told you she was cool! Now head over to her shop and buy something(s) equally cool!

Please keep in mind the vast majority of these friends are hustling to pay for their own health insurance. Supporting their businesses helps in many far-reaching positive ways!